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Blockbuster Bonanza or Bust


So 2009 seemed to be the cinematic year of the robot, or rather man Vs machine in varying forms both big budget such as the abysmal transformers 2 which on repeat viewings really is honestly and truthfully monumentally awful as it fails at being anything other then loud and migraine inducing (and not in over used editing sense) in the sense that is so bum-numbingly boring and utterly inane at the same time, it actually defies convention. Subsequently it must represent what an over excited Michael Bay does, when he Bay-ism’s over the idea of big bangs and stereotypically racist robots.

While on the other end of the spectrum you had Duncan (Zowie Bowie) Jones’s directorial debut “Moon” a low budget but beautifully conceived homage to 70’s science fiction (a la alien and 2001 a space odyssey) . But all of this was earlier this year and unfortunately not the topic of discussion for this current blog, no what I want to lightly skim over is the lead up to some of next years bigger summer cannon, more specifically Hollywood’s sudden producing of Greek Mythology themed action blockbusters.

“At my signal, unleash hell”……hang on wrong film….woops!

March of 2010 is going to be something to look forward to with the spectacularly epic release of Louis Leterrier’s Clash Of The Titans (oddly for some reason the summer blockbuster season seems to be getting earlier every year) , from the first trailers and officially released stills this is slowly shaping up to be a remake (its not a reimagining that is just a coined Hollywood term) and I am not a huge fan of the constant stream of big budgeted remakes of both utterly timeless classics and some of the pure stinkers of yesteryear. Check out the trailer and see what you think has Hollywood blown its Greek mythology or ruined what many purists out there love about the 1981 Harryhausen animated epic.

Sam Worthington is slowly gathering speed as a new Russell Crowe (excuse the obvious Australian referencing) and all the connotations are inherently present and correct in this first trailer, the only thing his character Perseus is missing saying is “Are you not entertained!” although it is more then likely to be uttered by my own fair lips more so, then Perseus himself.

I am actually quite excited about this as Leterrier did a stand up job on the Hulk “reimagining” (I truly hate that description that keeps getting banded about) as it was both exciting , fun and emotional particularly when watching some of the exercised scenes that did not make the final cut. So I can see why he was chosen to carry the effects heavy burden of Titans epic scale. Come March next year it will see the start of Hollywoods already apparent hot new genre trend for the summer of 2010, as Clash of the Titans is not the only Greek Mythology themed cinematic indulgence.

“Harry who?”

Chris Columbus started the adaptations of the first two Harry Potter films and although not as critically acclaimed as the later instalments have been, it was still a good starting point for the series. Now almost ten years later after starting the first Potter picture he is at it again with another teen fantasy series, in the form of author Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” series of books. From what I have gathered it is a popular series of novels in the states, not to the scale of Potter but it has a modest following. The story concerns a young boy named Percy Jackson whose father was a Greek god so with his friends must battle various demonic creatures and encounter assorted nods and references to original Greek Mythology. From the look of the first trailer I think there is hope of this being some sort of moderate success and bankable hit for the studio almost with the sense of déjà vu hot on the heels of the tail end of Harry Potters reign. I am not sure, definitely aiming at the teen boy market with his one, and Columbus has always been a competent and fun director, which makes this one to keep an eye out for at least. I think after these two films there needs to be a short break in Greek Mythology themed genre pieces, there is only so much of Demi-gods and chosen ones that I can tolerate and may Zeus shove a lightning bolt up my ass (insert Samuel L Jackson impression here circa 1995, Die Hard With A Vengeance) if the studio heads that be decide otherwise. Looks like 2010 is going to be the year of the gods and Liam Nesson in a big beard although quite possibly without a lightsaber, somebody tell George Lucas Qui Gon Jinn is alive!!


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