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“Well Kick my Ass and call me curious!!”-UPDATED

After waiting for months finally Kick-Ass has a distributer (and to be honest I have seen clips and could see why film companies where worried about putting their name on it its going to be one hell of a film), so in April of next year we will finally see Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millers as yet unfinished Kick-Ass comic series run. Vulgar , violent , funny and self referential the comic is a highly enjoyable read , and regularly sought after for which I have had much trouble trying to get my hands on the first few issues. Below is my top 5 reasons why I can not wait until next years film release (Vaughn’s Layer Cake was top class as was Stardust so Kick Ass is looking highly promising) it is not going to be a pc film experience as it has some pretty questionable subject material which no doubt will cause British tabloids to be crying bloody murder, but if anything, that makes it all the more refreshing and different compared to yet another blockbuster from Hollywood. Rejoice the underdog of 2010 cinema, well the first of many at least.

Mockney Rebel:

After producing Guy Riches first films Mathew Vaughn finally showed the Mockney auteur up and played him at his own gangster game with his adaptation of J.J Connelly’s “Layer Cake”. It was highly polished , adult , brutal and engrossing  it was light hearted in places but not at the expense of the overall feel of the film (unlike Richie’s almost comic book characters). His take on Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” was a fun adventurous throwback to 80’s fantasy films and while at times was a little “spot the British TV personality” it had an instantly likeable charm, while very much being in the vain of “The Princess Bride”. What all of this adds up to is high hopes and much excitement for Kick-Ass to which it is hopefully that Vaughn can (and this is on previous evidence) achieve something both adult and light hearted while being enjoyable and shocking, it is no mean feat but I have faith that he has outshone his humble Mockney producing origins.

By Goldman! :

Another reason to be excited about this is down to the good news that Jane (Mrs Jonathan Ross) Goldman is again scripting which means at the very least means it will entertain at a better level them most comic book flicks. But because this is completely different source material to Stardust it interests me to see how she will cope with transferring the uber-violent and profanity strewn structure onto the big screen. Knowing that the film has had issues with distributors due to its material (and having seen a few scenes, I can vouch for it being utterly un-pc yet well balanced but this is based only on a few snippets) I have confidence that Goldman has grasped the core concepts and hopefully expanded on them. She is certainly carving a niche out for herself as a competent screen writer so because of this, I am more excitable about her involvement. Actually thinking about who she is married to , un-pc and publicity shocking should be the forefront of Kick-Ass success, there certainly will not be anything like it.

“Oh God, this is excellent. Oh, bravo. Bra-fucking-vo”:

A lot of people I know absolutely 100% hate Nicolas Cage , I for one grasp him as a guilty pleasure but in fear mainly for being either frowned upon or even burnt at the stake for admitting that I have a passing interest in enjoying his splendidly ridiculous wigs and over the top performances. But with this clip as the character “Big Daddy” part of me feels that A) this is becoming more a film to watch out for and B) Cage is channelling an almost creepier version of Castor Troy from Face/Off. Check out the clip if you can hopefully I am not too off the mark, word of warning though if you are easily offended or can not appreciate a darkly comic situation, give this clip a wide birth.

The Nowhere boy VS McLovin:

In the title role of Kick-Ass / Dave Lizewski is British newcomer Aaron Johnson about to be seen in The Nowhere Boy (John Lennon the early years). From the first trailer and the clips that where screened at comic-con there seems to be a general amicable feeling towards is portrayal of the title character (not to mention a spot on American accent) he seems to be a talent to watch, and seems to portraying Dave and his alter-ego spot on to the comics with the delusions of grandeur in tow. Add to this McLovin himself as another vigilante superhero Red Mist and there is the possibility for some lighter moments to even out the ultra violence.

Yum….Bananna Splits:

Having only seen a brief and quite frankly poor quality clip from comic-con (one of the four that where shown) there is a certain underlying quirkiness to the film, this particular quirk being a remixed version of the Bananna Splits theme tune, used to camp and ludicrous effect during Hit-Girl’s slice n’ dice drug dealer killing spree. When I heard this piece of music I was grinning like The Joker, it amazingly fitted the scene and helped to distract from the violence of what Hit-Girl was doing to her aggressors. Add to that her suddenly profane use of the word c**t which had me burst out laughing along with Kick-Ass firing a tazer into a guys face, all of which add up to a unique viewing experience. If the final product is anywhere near to the enjoyment of these first tasty tit bits, this could be a uniquely different independent film.

Roll on 2010 the year of the delusional comic book geek / superhero


Here is the brand new “Red Band” trailer for Kick-Ass, seems the film makers want has to have a very cheerful and excitable christmas, and as a great highlight there is a clip of the Bananna Splits remix theme tune that I mentioned before enjoy.


4 thoughts on ““Well Kick my Ass and call me curious!!”-UPDATED

  1. I love everything I’ve seen about this.

    Posted by 2plus2isjoe | December 23, 2009, 10:51 pm
  2. Check out the new red band trailer i’ll be putting up, it just further cements the reasoning to see this more and more

    Posted by thegreatob | December 23, 2009, 12:13 am
  3. That Big Daddy clip is fucking hilarious. I’ve never heard of this film and I’m already excited!

    Posted by 2plus2isjoe | December 22, 2009, 6:16 pm

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