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Cinema Etiquette : Sit Down, Shut Up!

Now I do not usually feel the need to launch into rant for no reason, but in this case I actually feel justified as I have had several conversations with friends and family recently about films they have all seen within the last few months and one thing became abundantly clear, what I like to call the CCG’S (or crap cinema goers to people who do not know me). I recently saw Sherlock Holmes right in the heart of central London and found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience, what annoyed me (apart from the constant establishing shots of house 221b) was the instance of two people behind me to talk loud enough to describe what just happened on the screen a moment ago (hang on I have just watched that bit, do we really need to be told again in a less articulated way?).

It would not have bothered me that much if the ticket price was cheap and cheerful, but at £10.20 that was the cheapest ticket going, and yes this was in fact my choice while in London to see the film with a friend, but surely the extra price does not get me audio descriptions from the rather loud gentleman and his inane partner from behind, when I and several other viewers are perfectly capable of deducing what is in fact unfolding on the screen. It just ruins the experience for other people. Now this seems to only happen in the mass multiplex cinema chains and I kind of thankful it is, because although cinemas such as the Curzon Soho and there chains respect the audience enough to allow them to have alcohol within the screening , they trust that people will, for all intensive purposes, behave themselves to put it bluntly. Now this is not a promotion for those cinemas but rather a compare and contrast of the differences, this might well make me seem like a film snob (and you would be correct) but if you spend your hard earned cash on a film you have waited to see, you do not expect added unwanted additions which disrupt your viewing pleasure. Just some of the things I have encountered (and heard from other people) include: texting while watching a film giving constant updates as to what they think of the film, believe it or not we can actually see that blinding bright blue light within this pitch black auditorium. Answering your phone during a screening and talking louder then the film (which is a talent) again disrupts the viewing experience, and then they get an attitude because you have told them several times to shut up.

Basically what I am trying to get at here is there used to be some kind of cinema etiquette within cinemas, I remember when it was always exciting to go to a cinema with my dad and sister, the smell of the popcorn (and the sticky floor), the feeling that your where entering a magical place (stay with me it will have a point) of fantasy, and the old fashion ticket offices they still had within the cinema, and these where just the experiences from a local cinema when I was a child before all of the trendy refurbishments happened mid to late 90’s.

I appreciate film and the experience and this could be because I just adore the medium, it is a great feeling when you walk into a cinema excited to see a highly anticipated feature and it is unfortunate when other viewers can ruin it for you.

If you have had any similar experiences it would be interesting to know

Enjoy film and the experience

The Great OB.


One thought on “Cinema Etiquette : Sit Down, Shut Up!

  1. I only went to see Cloverfield with a good friend and a bunch of cackling girls laughed through and then complained at the end because they had a pirate copy and didn’t want to see it again.Stupid people – people should respect others in the cinema,just sit down and shut up.

    Posted by Dion | January 16, 2010, 12:55 pm

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