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Wheres my TV Boxset gone!!!….AHHH! Damnit!

Well just another quick post and has you may have gathered a bit of a rant, so I apologise for my rampant outburst. I have just witnessed the “Teaser” trailer for The A-Team that was recommended to me by a friend who was getting all nostalgic over the 1980s but all I can say is:


Now I have never been a fan of Hollywood’s supposed “Re-imagining” of anything older then 20 years, nay anything older then 5 years seems to be the new trend (i.e. the supposed remaking of the Spider-Man franchise what is that all about, I mean are they actually serious…oh wait…yes….yes I think they are) but I digress this is rant of a trailer not the final product (which could well surprise….or maybe not) and as such really does little to make me warm for 80’s nostalgia other then to stop the trailer and put my old TV series boxsets on.

So I assume everyone knows of the original A-Team (and if you don’t catch a repeat and see some class 80’s television brilliance) a high concept action series that a whole family could sit down and watch on a Friday or Saturday night. It was so popular that (like most things in the 80’s) had a release of action figures, which in all honesty are actually quite freaky to look at. So it was an action television series which did not shed a single drop of blood or profanity and used weapons to suppress enemies rather then dispose of them and the highlight of this was watching to see what types of modified weaponry they could produce from any scraps they found from whatever their particular pickle placed them. Basically it was a huge blast and is still great fun even now, although the later series diverged into a little to much stupidity it still contained a brilliant cast, the late great George Peppard as Hannibal, Dwight Shultz as Howling Mad Murdock, MrT as BA Baracus and Dirk Benedict as Face. Hannibal always had some kind of make-up appliance on him, BA would always pity the fool , Murdock was quite frankly mental and Face was always the suave and sophisticated it was always fun if a predictable romp.

Now on evidence of this new trailer for the film version there seems to be little that associates it with the series, Murdock does not seem mental but rather quite stable, and quite frankly there is an air of try hard wafting passed my nasal passages. Granted there seems to be some interesting action sequences but without giving too much away the tank element seems a little too outlandish for its own good. I mean where is making of improvised weaponry or the air of fun that punctured the original series, from evidence of this teaser there is none of what made myself enjoy the series in the first place. Not to mention the lack of the complete theme tune but only a slower more downbeat version which only adds to my dissapointment.

What it needs to have in the next trailer if they release one sooner rather then later, is some better excerpts from the script, because quite frankly if the banter between the cast does not work this film will fail miserably. Granted I am being a tad pessimistic as this is only a slight teaser and it could well prove to be like the series in an entertaining romp kind of way. And I do enjoy Joe Carnahans films (I personally quite like Smokin’Aces granted it is flawed but it is still enjoyable) but each of the two he has made are a little uneven. Check the trailer and make a judgement for your self see if my rambling rants ring true like nuggets of filmic wisdom. Let me know what you think.


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