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Blockbuster Bonanza or Bust

“Nobody follow us or I kill myself and then her!”

After the first trailer for Tom Cruise’s new star vehicle “Knight and Day”, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. It seemed uninteresting, stupidly inept to the point of absurdity and downright clichéd for Cruise (agent on the run how very 96’ Mission Impossible of Hollywood). Also if you know my writing, I have for better or worse lost faith in Hollywood summer Blockbusters. But being the fickle film fan that I am, I thought “why not give the new trailer a go”, thankfully I am quite glad I did. On the plus side this looks surprisingly light hearted and fun, on the minus I might actually go to the cinema to see it after my initial reservations have subsided.

Directed by James Mangold of “Walk the Line” and “Identity” fame is tackling the action raines, and if there is one thing these new trailers have is enough action if little on story, but this is summer blockbuster territory so story is the least of a big budget film. So after the first few trailers uninspiring trailers which felt like a limp mix of the Mission Impossible films with added parts “Mr and Mrs Smith”, has interestingly turned into an old school action buddy comedy (so my 80’s and 90’s action film heart is a fluttering at that prospect) with what seems to be good chemistry between the leads.

And so they should have as this is the second time Cruise and Diaz have teamed up in less than ten years after 2001’s “Vanilla Sky” (ps as a side note if you have only seen this remake check out “Abre los ojos”-aka “Open your eyes”, worth checking out), so they have chemistry already built upon which bodes better for the films enjoyment within my books. Then there is the feeling of a good light hearted summer romp which has been few and far between over the last few summers, as each big budget action epic seems to take its self too seriously. With these new trailers there is a sense of fun with its funny one liners such as my blog title, check out the trailer to see for yourself as it seems Cruise is on top form both comically and physically.

Then there is the action set pieces and boy oh boy do they throw them at you with this new trailer. It is impressively outlandish and over the top in a way that only a big budget can be, it also contains a car flip to make “Die Hard 4.0” envious. I know what you will be thinking for those who don’t like Cruise, why did it not land on him, personally I think he grinned it away, but I digress. What is shown within its two minutes and thirty seconds is a chase through the streets of Madrid during the Bull Run including car flips and shootouts within the same sequence, lots of explosions either on the motorway or on an island. All contain impressive crowd pleasing multiplex moments by being incredibly loud and bombastic in its style, which ironically suits its stars, Cruise in particular seems to be in his element with the action as well as his crazed and whacked out charm offensive.

This is certainly shaping up to be an enjoyable piece of big budget fluff, ideal for summer crowds who are looking for a quick action fix. From my own point of view the action sequences have managed to get my blood going, now for a Hollywood film that has been an occasion all too rare in recent years.

Check out the latest two trailers for yourself and let me know what you think; they certainly are not breaking new ground with film. But I dare you not to crack a smile and find part of the trailers at least a little bit enjoyable. Myself, I am glad I gave the new trailers a look it will not be genre defining or even original, but it will be fun. And in the summer sometimes that is all you need even if Cruise is grinning like an idiot, least its better then a recent Michael Bay schlockbuster.


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