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A Quick Bite!

A Quick Press, Hot of My Mind Press!!!!….I like my popcorn salty!

So a quick posting is in order, and after much debating and eventual deciding (not to mention the reclaiming of broadband), this blog will take on a brand new look. Partly because I feel a change is in order, and partly because I want this navigation of the blog to be Easyer to read for my “small” Reading public. So keep your eyes peeled for some changes over the next few weeks (for those that read it) should be fun when perfected.

In the mean time keep your eyes posted for a short round up of a few forthcoming summer film releases, shifting through a multitude of the big budget (yawn) and the low budget. So far the start of the summer movie season has got off to a rather bumpy start (excluding Chris Morris’s Four Lions) the big budget bad boys have failed to provide anything worth while, at least from those that I have clapped eyes on.

Iron Man 2 was more of the same, light and fluffy with very little real substance to it (personally the first is a better rounded film, again not amazing but highly enjoyable) and feels very much like an over extended trailer for The Avengers, all of which added to summer dissapointment number 1.

Robin Hood  like Iron Man 2 is quickly going in the same direction; which is a shame considering the talent behind the film, barring impressive battle sequences and sir Ridleys flair for gritty battle styles…it again feels like a wasted oppotunity.

So over the next 3 months some of the big summer event films are going to grace our over priced film screens, fingers crossed that through the pish , there emerges a piece of super cool cine-tainment…..if all else fails at least September is a good month.


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