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A Quick Bite!

“Dreams feel real while we are in them, but it is only when we wake up we realise something was actually strange”

It could possibly be considered a bit sad that what has made my week eventful thus far is the third and final trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Or it could just be me being the right side of film obsessed super geek, either way all the hairs on the back of my hands and neck stood on end, along with a pulse pounding heart rate.

Now this could be one of two things the first, the wonton of energy drink I consumed some hours ago or the second being that this year (barring Kick-Ass) there has been very little to be excited about. So thank the film gods that Nolan has once again kept us in suspense and now a month and a half before its release we finally get a taster of what Inception is going to be, and by god I want to gorge myself more on this tasty celluloid morsel.

When the first teasers where released there was (like all of Nolan’s films) a sense of prick teasing to the point of unbearable annoyance and curiosity. Now with this trailer very little of the story is given away in true Nolan fashion, but what we do have is a better idea of what will happen, and even if the story is subpar (but on past efforts Nolan has always been top notch , so I doubt it) the visuals are going to knock you flat. Could this be a blockbuster which deserves praise during the summer film season…..oh mercy I think it might well be.

More on the visuals later because there is another ace up his sleeve which gets my juices flowing that much more, he has assembled one of the downright quality pumping casts ensembles since The Prestige (seems this years Hollywood blockbuster trends is group ensembles, The Losers / The A-Team/ et al). But here it is a case of talent not Hollywood heartthrobs with the always quality Joseph Gordan Lovett, the double whammy powerhouse of brilliance that is Cillan Murphy and Tom Hardy along with the always fantastic Michael Caine and Ellen Page. And if Nolan is constantly good at one thing, it is being able to gather a cast which performs to the highest level of quality and substance. Which when placed next to the eye watering visuals should become something overtly special, The Prestige proved it as did The Dark Knight.

Now the other main draw for me (besides Nolan and the exceptional cast) is the lush mind altering visuals which the trailer is proudly displaying but not over using. What Nolan does as a good filmmaker is allow visuals to integral to the story and structure and hopefully not using them as an over reliance, helping to enhance the story not weigh it down. The stuff that he and his merry band of production bods have devised is awe inspiring (and very few films of late have made me feel and say that), but it will be inevitable that the mass public will view it as “a bit Matrix-y” , even though personally this could well be aesthetically more polished and dream like, but only time will tell.

Check out the full final trailer and see for yourself, but I have a feeling we are in good hands and could well be the summer saviour to all the bog standard overblown nonsense.

I Believe In Christopher Nolan……


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