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Now I know that this blog centres on cult film of all genres, but for a change I thought I would ramble about something a bit different. Ten months ago I thought to unleash some of my creative frustrations of working weird shift patterns, in the incredibly unexciting environment of the local pub. What started out as merely a creative release to help me write and rant about cult film and the like, slowly formed into an enjoyable and less labour intensive regular blog.

It turns out I quite enjoy ranting and raving about film to either my own friends (those that read this thank you) or utter strangers. Now I have never used this as a crutch but being dyslexic writing is one of the last things that come naturally to me. In particular grammar and spelling, but through some friendly guidance and understanding I have trained myself to write at least semi-coherently.

But I think what I enjoy most about writing this particular blog (other then it allowing me to get a bit more creative and unleash my own views and opinions) is that you have the ability to freely write whatever the hell you feel like at the time. How amazing is that, that everyone has the creative freedom (and I am quite aware I am stating the bleeding obvious here) to do, write and /or express literally anything and everything.

A lot of people say blogging either say it changed their life or rant in diary form personal info for attention etc, but for me to be able to write freely anything I want in a field such as film (because journalism within said field is extremely difficult) instantly makes me feel on top of the world. Having my own written words read by absolutely anyone at anytime fills me with a sense of purpose and achievement even if it is the crazed ramblings of my utterly bonkers mindset.

By knowing that my blog is read just spurs me on even more to get better at writing and allows me to improve all aspects of own peculiar writing style. If Times writer A.A Gill (who is heavily dyslexic) can publish and write such well constructed articles, which I gather probably, takes a bit longer then most, what is to stop anyone writing in their chosen field?

I have now found a new passion for writing which as taken me completely by surprise as I always hated writing. How I can’t stop and feel I need to tell people my opinion of all the cult films out there (along with a few more well known films). So my point is thank you to those that continue to read this and giving there own opinion. If it was not for a few select friends to gave the idea to me in the first place who knows how bored I would be by now.

The Freedom to Blog , The Freedom to Express

The Greatob.


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