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‘Six Son-of-a-Bitch’ (Updated)

'In one ear, out the other....errr!'

With the recent cinema release of The Human Centipede hitting the indie cinema houses, as well as talk of an in production sequel it seems director Tom Six has been a busy little pervert. ‘The Human Centipede (full sequence)’ is apparently scheduled for release at some point late next year and so far little has been heard or seen about the film, this is partly due to the fact it is being filmed on a ‘closed set’. Which raises some eyebrows over the content that could be possibly being filmed (as closed sets are mainly used for sex scenes) it makes one wonder if Tom Six is really going to deliver on his promise of the follow up being more sick and twisted then the first or as he has recently stated in an interview ‘part one is going to seem like My Little Pony compared to part two’. That really is talking up your film before it is released but there is one problem with that, the first failed to deliver.

Now while the initial idea of ‘The Human Centipede’ was an intriguing concept and had me thinking ‘great this is the new wave of body horror’. It just did not live up to its hyped promise but then again what is often hyped up, very rarely makes good on their sales pitch. Genuinely I thought this would rejuvenate a lost sub-genre, which in all honesty has not had a decent director exploit since Cronenberg made ‘eXistenz’ in 1999.

The plot for those out of the ‘Human Centipede’ loop concerns two American friends who get lost in backwoods Germany, only to stumble on a house which belongs to a brilliant but twisted doctor. He drugs and forces them to take part in a surgical experiment (along with another kidnapped male) to form the first human centipede, this involves stitching them mouth to anus. So my first thoughts where ‘this sounds utterly revolting…..lets watch it’ but what started as a psychologically twisted body horror quickly descended into a clichéd and bog standard exercise in horror.

It is a shame really as it had all the hallmarks of what could have been a ground breaking body horror piece ,which would have able to possibly sit alongside some of Cronenberg’s work. As it turns out having a sick premise but little plot (which would be stretched even for a short) turns out to be an aggravatingly uneven film experience. Fingers crossed the sick Mr Six can deliver on the ‘Full Sequence’, but after the ‘First Sequence’ I think I shall make a snap judgement and say it possibly will not be very good.


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