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Avada Kedavara!!

(Guest blogger for this post, for a bit of a change)

Hubble bubble toil and trouble, abracadabra – these are never the words heard in the series! No, things like ‘Harry Potter must die’, ministry of magic, the Weasley’s oh and my favourite the ‘one who must not be named’. Yes my fellow muggles, I am talking about the last adventure of thee Harry Potter. I introduce Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. For it wasn’t long ago that I had thrills and excitement reading Harry Potter in libraries when I was 15 years old and now to be here 10 years later (woops I’ve given away my age) to witness a momentous history in the making – for fellow fantasy enthusiast like myself, I am actually quite excited.

For those who have not kept up with the series, because of fears of looking ‘immature’, I’m afraid a good telling off is in order. You have from now till November to watch its predecessors so that you can enjoy the full effect of the finale and let’s face it, do you think its ‘intended’ audience would really get how dark, how sinister this film is or even what a Horcrux is?.

Its no lie Harry Potter has come a long way, from directors like Chris Columbus painting him out as a child thrown into a world of magic to Alfonso Cuarón portraying the true hardship and struggles a 13 year old should never experience. However, with more visual teasers and photos released, my favourite so far would have to be Harry Potter 7 and I have only the trailer to help make that decision.

Although, recently disappointed by previous Harry Potter films (none to mention…okay, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) I am inclined to believe that Harry Potter 7 will truly be worth the wait…I mean it had the awesome trailer, all the right marketing just like Harry Potter
6, but again I was disappointed. Once I saw the trailer I was amazed by its special effects and I thought right I wanna see this. But after watching Harry Potter 6, it differed slightly portraying the film to be more of a biographical tale and less of an adventurous one, don’t get me wrong, it was alright it was just missing quite a few thing and had me confused some times. (HP 6TRAILER SHOWN )The question on my mind was what has David Yates done to harry potter 6 and can his work on the final film be saved or at least done respectively….

After his directional debut of the fifth installment, I was overly pleased by his work and felt okay, cool, we have something here that looks awesome! You had it all Romance, Drama, Death, betrayal and cool fighting.

It had everything only nerds and geeks alike could ever dream of seeing; the big fight at the ministry, the sad death of Sirius and of course my favourite part – Dolores Umbridge hilarious departure from Hogwarts. Perhaps I didn’t think much of the 6th book, because it wasn’t as interesting as its predecessor, off course with the exception of ‘mourning’ over Dumbledores death. Anyway 3 ½ years later I have yet to see just how truthful the HP7 trailer is; will it be full of intense fights involving the wondrous words of “expellaramous”, “stupefy”, “levicorpus”, “Avada Kedavar” or maybe a piece of ‘alohomora’. How about the chance to see a true battle between Voldermort and Harry (as it has been shown in the first trailer – or do we have to wait 8 months to see that). Either way my fellow muggles, we are sure in for a surprise this November and maybe to celebrate I bring my firebolt* (*version differs slightly) and park a space in the back row and watch the beginning of an end.

Busy Issy

(Busy Issy is the writer of this Blog post and is her first film post-Thegreatob)


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