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Scream and Scream and Scream and Scream again

The nights are drawing in sooner; the weather is getting steadily colder. The leaves are browning and falling from trees all the while signalling the winter months. All of which point to my favourite time of year, Halloween, but why?

To start with It is worth noting that I have a soft spot for the Scream franchise and while the first is the only one worth any type of merit for its originality, the other two entries are enjoyably taut if silly thriller/slasher hybrid. It redefined horror films for newer generation with its post modern twist on the slasher genre, a subgenre that was long past its sell by date. It also rejuvenated director Wes Craven’s slightly lagging career and with his smart direction he created what the genre was missing, a film that contained knowing winks to its own set of filmic rules. While screen writer Kevin Williamson crafted a smart and witty script which still feels as fresh as it did back in 1996. It also contains one of the better horror scores of the modern horror film, not as instantly hummable as the more iconic horror scores but still recognisable.

But why am I bringing this up, well it seems some 10 years after the final instalment (actually make that 11 when it gets released next year) Craven, Williamson and Co. are returning for, what is hoped, the 4th and final time. Over the last few months there as been brief clues about production, behind the scenes images here and there as well as a few news features on American TV. Now there is finally a teaser trailer on the net which seems both a blessing and a curse.

For starters it seems Williamson has invented a new set of rules which now apply to the current generation of horror clichés, while also bring back the ever reliable ‘modernised’ and obsessed horror film fan. From the looks of the trailer it also brings back all the ‘surviving’ cast members with the added inclusion of bigger kills. But then there is the feeling that this is all a bit old hat, barring the new riffs on the modern horror rules what will this bring? As it is not out until next April and as this is only a teaser, there is hope of possibly a better trailer being released in the next few months or so giving more information.

One thing it does contain as a final humorous in-joke, is its own rifting on the first films ‘do you like scary movies?’ for the moment though it seems to be a case of when the film is released we will eventually find out. Here is hoping it can at least improve on some of the faults of Scream 3. Thankfully with Williamson back in the writing saddle, this will be at least have a  strong story which helps to boost anticipation a level or two higher then usual.

Here’s hoping Courtney Cox is the killer!


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