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After what seems to be an eternity ‘Tron’ finally has a sequel coming up later this year. So far that news is nothing new especially to the die hard fan base of the original, what was new was the recently released filmic titbits which have now, officially, got my cinematic taste buds gagging for more.

While the various other trailers have been a welcome feast for the eyes (even without the 3D this film already looks eye-popping) these new audio/visual treats have finally stoked my interest enough that I am genuinely excited for the December release. Now I was never a massive fan of the original ‘Tron’ but as a child, whenever it was shown on television I would be transfixed for a short period by its neon glow and iconic light cycles. And while it has not dated particularly well the films concept still intrigues me, as well as it being a nostalgic throw back to the early days of 8-bit arcade machines.

Recently 20 minutes of exclusive footage was shown to the press and on the various film sites it seems that it has garnered a hell of a lot of praise for its visuals and use of 3D to draw the viewer in further. On top of all of that Daft Punk (the groovy French techno-artistes) have released a short clip from their original composed soundtrack. All of which only adds to the frenzied anticipation for geeks and fans alike. The track entitled ‘Derezzed’ not only provides an exclusive snippet of the soundtrack but includes some new footage, which in all honesty, got me overly excited about a big budget effects for the first time in a very long time.

Justifiably so as director Joseph Kosinski past efforts shows he really has an eye for the cinematic with his ‘Starry Eyed’ Halo 3 trailer along with his ‘Mad World’ trailer for Gears of War . The trailer of which is still as hunting and instantly recognisable among gamers and fans of the series, both of which are worth a gander if you happen to be browsing youtube.

Granted the first Tron is far from a classic but it does contain elements which have revolutionised computer graphics within film as well as inspiring countless games developers. It certainly gained a huge cult following and defined a generation of tech-heads, along with its 8-bit score which is now very much a product of its time. Watching the first Tron now brings back memories of the bygone days of the old Pac-Man games, Space Invaders etc. While personally it channels my formative years as an early gamer with Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario et al.

With all of the promotional material pointing to an action filled visual treat which is making my inner child excitable about the neon lit spectacle that I will witness, come Boxing Day. While my adult side is thinking that the spectacle is nothing without decent storytelling and the possibility of style over substance, I suddenly remember those days of when I was mesmerised by the light cycles. Mind you something this eye wateringly scrumptious could possibly be engaging without the original story. Until then judgement shall be reserved with the added toning down of anticipation (just in case I get myself overly disappointed) but with each passing week with new details shown, I have a feeling the fans are in safe hands. This is shaping up to at least be a thoroughly entertaining ride.

Now in the wise words of Michael Sheen’s character we might well have perfect explanation for the films tone, “Change the scheme! Alter the mood! Electrify the boys and girls if you’d be so… kind”, Tron Legacy could certainly be a great late Christmas present for those bored of the norm.


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