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Friday, Bloody Friday!

With it being Friday the 13th, I honestly couldn’t miss this as an opportunity to write a short blog post, specifically on a guilty pleasure of mine. Strangely said guilty pleasure also happens to be set on a similar day. Yes thats right I want to do a quick post on that most un-killable of horror slasher franchises –Friday the 13th. But there is only really one of these films that I tend to re-watch (usually in a slightly drunken state) and that would be Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives.

This rock n’ roll version of Jason Voorhees is quite possibly the most enjoyable and ludicrously silly entry within the series. When compared to the previous installments, it undeniably has its tongue planted firmly within its cheek. It becomes hard not to enjoy this film either slightly drunk or marginally sober.

But what makes this pleasurable watch when compared to the previous five entries? Well for starters it contains one of the most preposterous ways to resurrect the series antagonist, in this case a metal gate post stuck in the dead and rotting corpse of Jason as its struck by lightening. It is utterly ridiculous, but the fact this film seems to be aware of its own stupidity is all the better because of it.

It is firmly stuck in the 80s with its bad hair do’s, shocking fashion sense and the stereotypical teen character. It even goes so far as have its title song sung by rock legend Alice Cooper – now if that isn’t rock n’ roll for a slasher film, I don’t know what is. Jason as a character also has a fantastic look, all of the little details of the damage that has been inflicted from parts 3 and 4, is visible. It also contains some of the series more gory sequences and possibly its best (most explosive) finale, seen before or after. Theres also an enjoyable moment of hack and slash when Jason goes toe to machete with a group of crazed paintballers. Honestly what is not to love.

One thing I almost forgot to mention is that one of the police characters seems to have one of the largest (and might I add most comical looking) laser sights ever used for a hand gun, that it would make Gabriel Cash (from Tango and Cash) feel inadequate and blush.

Obviously if horror or slasher films are not your thing then honestly, give this slice of 80s nonsense a miss. But for those who are looking to have a quiet night in this Friday the 13th, you would be hard pressed to find a slasher centered on the same day that is as enjoyable as Jason Lives.

Rock N’ Roll indeed!

Happy Friday the 13th


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