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Wow…was it really back in June that I did my last blog post? what can I say but to my astonishment that seems to be the case as I have in-fact not written a blog (for this specific blog page at least) for a very long time. I think it is time I changed that. Now over the intervening months between my last post and this current edition, a lot has taken shape and happened. Firstly my whole writing style has changed and evolved at a rate faster then I could have ever imagined. I am now able to write fast and in a more cohesive manner then when I first started this little adventure. And secondly I now write (on and off) for three different websites- much to my astonishment.

So now after umpteen months of inactivity I have finally sat down again to blog my little filmic tush off when and where I can. So stay tuned (if you so wish) and follow me on my more coherent ramblings (yes it is possible to ramble and be coherent…..I think?) as I plunder the depths of cult film fancies that I continue to stumble on.

Have a gander at this shameless piece of plugging of some of my various (and recent) posts for other sites.

Troll Hunter Review






And in honor of the recent passing of cult actor David Hess here is a retrospective I did on The Last House On The Left:




Oh and in honor of the late Steve Jobs, for the rest of October, my blog will take this retro OS look. Never fear my original look will return in November.




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