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To Ban Or Not To Ban……Is That The Question?

Martin doesn't have very many friends

Those of you who are savvy with the ways of the filmic world would have noticed that earlier this year Tom Six’s infamous Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence was banned on the grounds of being a tad…how can I say this…. unacceptable by the BBFC (full details on their site). Suddenly this kicked up a massive stink on various blogging sites, film sites and Twitter. People were beginning to think that censorship had taken a 1980s like grip on society once again. It’s easy to see why many thought like that what with a mostly conservative government and a echo of the 80s financial situation. But I digress.

Last week came the announcement that this previously banned feature had finally been given the all clear after the BBFC removed a good, 2 mins 36 secs of footage from the film and awarded it an 18 rating. While this is hardly groundbreaking stuff it is rather interesting to know. For those who have yet to see (or even hear) about the Human Centipede franchise- for that is now what is has become. Fear not because, your hardly missing much. After watching the first I can honestly say it was more humorous then harrowing, all of which was down to the naff story and duff acting.

After finally viewing the trailer for the (now previously banned) second feature, it continues to cement my idea that Tom Six is a clever marketer, but far from a good director. Interesting ideas, badly executed. Recently I took the plunge and sat down watching Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust all the way through for the first time (more in-depth info on that experience in a later blog). Previously I had only been able to watch it in parts and quickly lost interest. Again this was another film that was notorious for being banned and it is easy to see why at certain points. But what it does have behind it is some interesting aspects to the violence on screen.

More on Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust in my next post.

Now while I don’t condone real violence against animals (which was the hardest part for me to stomach), by looking past the violence on screen there was a very well crafted film about morals and western civilization. Alternatively I could have completely miss read it and instead saw what I wanted to see, as a way of coping with the various horrible sequences.

A surprisingly good piece of film marketing there!

My point is that if you dig a little deeper, there was some relevant context buried within this previous video nasty. Unfortunately it seems while Human Centipede 2 might have some interesting concepts which toy with the idea of fiction versus reality,but  morally I have trouble stomaching anything it decides to throw at me without any meaningful context apart from with a view to provoke disgust.

Take a look at the trailer for yourselves and decide. For myself I will continue to believe it as what the first one came across as; a interesting joke with no substance that quickly missed its punch line by aiming too far. Morally…what do you think? Is it going to far, is it acceptable and good that even though the film is cut censorship is now more lax then before (which is a good thing) or is it getting more credit then is due to it purely because of its high profile banning?

Personally, I think its all of the above. Those that are interest, Human Centipede 2 : Full Sequence gets a limited release in November. While the toy-line is due mid-december just in time for the christmas rush.


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