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Carry On Campaigning….For Classic Horror!!

This past Sunday (September 2nd) saw The Classic Horror Campaign return once again to the Roxy Bar & Screen, for a deliciously twisted double bill of previous banned features. First up was the 1932 classic, Island Of Lost Souls. Originally banned in the UK until 1958, where it was still cut, it was finally re-released earlier this year. Its previous cuts now wavered and it being subsequently passed with a PG certificate. Oh how times change.

Finally we were treated to a new fan edit of the previously, hacked to pieces, cult horror Corruption (from 1968). This feature also went by (the rather brilliantly titled) Laser Killers. This was a highly recommended screening of both films and it just goes to show how good a filmclub Classic Horror Campaign really is.

I was fortunate enough to grab an audio interview with the CHC founder, Richard Gladman. A gentleman through and through, he expected my questions with gusto. Everything is mentioned, from how Disney started his love of horror films and what to expect at the next events. Now sit back and enjoy some insights into classic horror…..

Dom: Where did the idea for the Classic Horror Campaign originate from and what spurred you on to do this?


Dom: Do you have a manifesto for CHC, if so what are the core ideas behind it. Also what do hope to show the viewers, mainly those who have yet to see any number of the classic horror screenings?


Dom: What separates you from other film clubs around London?


Dom: Its clear, from anyone that speaks to you, that you both adore and worship classic horror. Can you remember where this love affair began?


Dom: Can you tell us about any future or upcoming events as part of the Classic Horror Campaign? Is there anything your particularly looking forward to?


Dom: This is a bit of a two part question. Are there any features you would like to screen but can’t for whatever reason. And secondly are there any films you just wouldn’t screen, be it either personal taste or they not adhering to the CHC manifesto?


Dom: Final question, but tricky one. Do you have a dream Top 5 that would go into your ultimate film screening?


Dom: Richard is there anything you wish to inform fans of the Classic Horror Campaign about? What can they do to help make more people aware of some truly great films?


I would just like to thank Richard Gladman for his great and informative answers. If your interest in what the Classic Horror Campaign is trying to achieve, you can find links below to their Facebook Page, Twitter and Website. And remember keep watching those classic horror films, because (lets face it) the’re better then most modern horror!

Facebook Page: Classic Horror Campaign

Twitter: Classic Horror Campaign

Website: http://www.classichorrorcampaign.com/

Online Petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bringclassichorrorfilmsbacktothebbc/


2 thoughts on “Carry On Campaigning….For Classic Horror!!

  1. Really enjoyed the interview!

    (don’t tell Rick but my 2nd favourite Hammer film is The Devil Rides Out!)

    Posted by Chris Regan | September 8, 2012, 9:22 pm

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