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A Crazy Kind Of Love: An Interview With Director Jamie Hooper


Recently I stumbled upon a young film-maker by the name of Jamie Hooper on Twitter. So curious was I about his new short film – Plastic Love – that I felt compelled to send him an email interview. 

Thankfully he took me up on my offer and below is his response (with a review of the short coming in the next few days). So it back, relax and take a dip into the bizarre world of love and fetishes. 

Dom: Plastic Love is a genuinely bizarre subject for a short film. When was the first instance where you thought – ‘I want to be a film director’?

Jamie: I don’t think I’ve ever actively thought ‘I want to be a film director’. I’ve always been obsessed with films from a young age and would say cinema has always had a huge influence on my life. My Dad bought a VHS-C camera in the eighties and I immediately claimed it as my own. I found the action of capturing images and using them to tell a story fascinating. Nothing has really changed over the years except the technology has got better and smaller, and I’ve got bigger (a diet of peanut butter and cider will do that I guess).

Dom: What influences your body of work? Are there any particular directors whose work you respect and reference in your own films?

Jamie: I wouldn’t say I specifically reference any directors in my own films, although certainly there are directors I love, such as Spielberg and Kubrick. I would say I’m more influenced by the people around me and the things I read. I try to approach each film differently and test myself by trying new styles and techniques.

Dom: What was your inspiration (or inspirations) for Plastic Love?

Jamie: I saw a documentary on TV called “Married to the Eiffel Tower” about a woman who fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and numerous other objects. I found it fascinating and starting researching the subject of sexual fetishism. I thought a story about characters with different sexual fetishes would make for some great dramatic/comedic situations. I didn’t want the film to have any particular message, I just wanted to explore the subject from various angles through several characters experiences, some using their fetish in a positive way and some not being able to control their urges.

Dom: How has the reception been for Plastic Love, it’s certainly an interesting subject to tackle for a short film. Will this lead to more shorts in the near future of a similar subject matter?

Jamie: The reception has been great so far. It’s by far my most ambitious film, both in terms of length and what was involved, so I’m really happy people seem to be appreciating it. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out, and I’m really proud of everyone involved. So far it has been screened in New York at the CineKink Film Festival and will soon be screening in Edinburgh at Bootleg Film Festival and Cannes Short Film Corner.

I won’t ever stop making short films as I find them so much fun. I don’t think I’ll be tackling sexual fetishes again any time soon though. I’m currently halfway through shooting my latest short film called Hypnagogia, which is totally different to Plastic Love in both content and style.

Dom: Do you have a goal to get a feature film off the ground?

Jamie: Like all film-makers my aim is to make feature films. It’s a very difficult time to try and get a feature film made but I have plans to make a feature film at some point in the near future. I’m writing several scripts, including; a psychological thriller, a one-location monster movie, a fantasy drama, a coming of age Sci-Fi adventure and a religious horror. I’m currently working on a script I’m very excited about that will be my first feature film.

Dom: Are there any particular genres or themes you would like to steer towards in future shorts (or features)?

Jamie: I don’t want to exclusively make films in a specific genre as I’d feel like I wasn’t challenging myself. I’m a big horror junkie so I’d like to do more horror in the future, but I just enjoy telling stories about interesting characters no matter what the genre is. The script I’m working on for my first feature is a drama with subtle elements of horror and Sci-Fi.

If you are interested in knowing more about Jamie’s work check out the links below. In the meantime keep an eye out for my review of Plastic Love soon. 



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