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Short Film Review : Plastic Love – 2013

Plastic love 1

Making short films (or films in general) is without a doubt one of the hardest things a group of people could do. Speaking from experience (I’m an ex-film student) it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest talent or budget, it’s the lack of focus that can quickly turn the making of a short film into production hell.

I mention this because sometimes you stumble on a relatively new filmmaker – such as director Jamie Hooper – who makes the final product look so easy. His short film Plastic Love is a rather good indication that he is an emerging talent – particularly within the British film industry.

Written and directed by Jamie Hooper, Plastic Love is a darkly humorous yet perversely heartfelt story of extreme obsessions. With its opening titles carrying connotations of one of the best British films from the 1970s (A Clockwork Orange), things quickly descend into the comically bizarre.

Soon the individuals we follow start to indulge in their chosen fetishes; ranging from a middle-aged man’s obsession with his wife’s high heeled shoes, a woman’s infatuation with rubber balloons and a young couple’s need to push their dominating BDSM relationship further. It’s also impressively shot by director Hooper and co-cinematographer James Webber – the moments that Laurie shares with Dan in the forest particularly standout.

Each of the actors also give deeply depraved performances, but its Paula Gilbert as Laurie and Tim Blackwell as Walter who particularly standout. Both channel a raw and highly convincing energy as a set of characters that are overtaken by their fetishistic urges – allowing the films darker themes and desires to rise to the surface.

Although it’s ever so slightly over long, Hooper is shaping up to be a talent to watch. If Plastic Love is any indication his future films should be a treat for those looking for the more bizarre. I highly urge you to give it a go if you get the chance to view it. By tackling a less mainstream and (some might feel) taboo subject matter, director Hooper has produced a deeply perverse yet quintessentially British comedy.

At its conclusion what the viewer is left with, is in fact a highly accomplished short film that could lead to bigger things. Its with great anticipation that I wait for Hooper’s next short film foray.

You can read the email interview I conducted with Jamie here



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