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It Came From Outerspace (And Crash Landed Into The Palm of Your Hand)

It seems that now, more then ever, a horror or sci-fi geek can casually pick up a wealth of magazines devoted to their chosen genres. In fact a quick browse in London based The Cinema Store will often overwhelm with the growing number of specialist publications, tailored to individual needs.

Most recently there has been a resurgence of newly published collectable fanzines. Written by fans for the fans, these professionally crafted love letters are managing to go toe-to-toe with some of the best the area has to offer.

With the newly resurrected We Belong Dead (which yours truly has written in) currently on its second new issue, it seems there’s a gap in the market for some classic sci-fi to go with the classic horror.

Thankfully all you genre-fiends will be pleased to know about new publication Space Monsters.  The brainchild of Classic Horror Campaign founder Richard Gladman – this new fanzine is designed to showcase the very best of classic Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror.

The first issue looks at classic Sci-Fi horror such as Them, The Blob, Space 1999, Classic Star Trek and much more. For more information about Space Monsters and where to pick up a copy from, just click on the links below.

space monsters cover issue 1 BIG

For all the latest news on new issues just head over to their blog – Space Monsters

To order a copy from Hemlock Books click here or to read an interview with Richard and see where his inspiration came from by clicking here.


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