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“It ate him… bit off his head… like a gingerbread man!” – Revisiting From Beyond (1986)

(Warning! there will be spoilers) So it’s the New Year finally and I thought it was high time I cracked on with my first piece of writing for 2014. As you can tell from the title I’ve decided to do a new Revisiting piece, mainly as I enjoy writing them so much.  Now get yourself … Continue reading

The Bed-Sitting Room (1969)

This piece was originally written as part of a ‘forgotten films’ column for another website. It was never published, so I’ve reformatted it for this blog and added a little bit of additional content. As I covered two films in the original article, I will split them into two separate (easy to read) posts – for your reading pleasure. … Continue reading

Carry On Campaigning….For Classic Horror!!

This past Sunday (September 2nd) saw The Classic Horror Campaign return once again to the Roxy Bar & Screen, for a deliciously twisted double bill of previous banned features. First up was the 1932 classic, Island Of Lost Souls. Originally banned in the UK until 1958, where it was still cut, it was finally re-released earlier this year. … Continue reading

Delights Of The Carnival

Once again the super-fantastic Lydia Mitchell has provided my blog with a great piece on the 1962 horror feature Carnival Of Souls. So sit back, relax (if you dare) and enjoy another quality guest spot from a fellow horror fan. If there is one thing I will attest to for the rest of my life, it … Continue reading

A Kier Royale Of Sex & Bloody Fangs

After being asked by the supercool Lydia Mitchell (check out her blog here) if I would write a piece on Russ Meyer’s UP! (found here), she has returned with a piece for this rambling blog. She’s enthusiastically written a great piece about the classically camp, Blood For Dracula (a personal favorite of mine). Keep your eyes peeled for her piece … Continue reading

Cranking the Filmbar up to 70!

On what should have been a sunny and hot day in the beginning of June (it was in fact a day filled with torrential rain) I found myself heading towards the London based Roxy Bar and Screen. I was braving hell and high water to begin my interview with the lovely gents who form Filmbar70. … Continue reading

New Year, Old Films

After what feels like an age since the last blog post (seems to be well over a month as I look back) I have finally found my typing fingers again, after a rocky start to the New Year. But enough of that, this blog is about films (least it was last time I logged on … Continue reading

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