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Blaxploitation and Russ: Feature Piece for Meyer Month

  I was asked by the absolutely groovy Lydia Mitchell to contribute to her Meyer Month again this year. As I like to challenge myself, I decided to look at how Meyer’s female anti-heroines helped to inspire some of Blaxploitation’s finest features. Head on over to her blog (at the jump provided) and see if … Continue reading

Delights Of The Carnival

Once again the super-fantastic Lydia Mitchell has provided my blog with a great piece on the 1962 horror feature Carnival Of Souls. So sit back, relax (if you dare) and enjoy another quality guest spot from a fellow horror fan. If there is one thing I will attest to for the rest of my life, it … Continue reading

A Kier Royale Of Sex & Bloody Fangs

After being asked by the supercool Lydia Mitchell (check out her blog here) if I would write a piece on Russ Meyer’s UP! (found here), she has returned with a piece for this rambling blog. She’s enthusiastically written a great piece about the classically camp, Blood For Dracula (a personal favorite of mine). Keep your eyes peeled for her piece … Continue reading

Chainsaw’s & Catalogues

I asked the rather awesome Adam Akers (webmaster over at Attack From Planet B) if he would be interested in contributing to my humble little blog. Thankfully he agreed instantaneously by providing this piece on his first encounter with horror films (more specifically Texas Chainsaw Massacre). So sit back and relax as you read the … Continue reading

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