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Video Nasties: Draconian Days – Audio Interview w/ director Jake West and Marc Morris

It’s been a while since i’ve either blogged or written online so I thought as a special treat i’ll posted this unpublished audio interview from last July. For whatever reason, it was sadly not chosen to be uploaded last year and so, it has lingered on my hard-drive for well over half a year. When … Continue reading

A Crazy Kind Of Love: An Interview With Director Jamie Hooper

Recently I stumbled upon a young film-maker by the name of Jamie Hooper on Twitter. So curious was I about his new short film – Plastic Love – that I felt compelled to send him an email interview.  Thankfully he took me up on my offer and below is his response (with a review of the short … Continue reading

Carry On Campaigning….For Classic Horror!!

This past Sunday (September 2nd) saw The Classic Horror Campaign return once again to the Roxy Bar & Screen, for a deliciously twisted double bill of previous banned features. First up was the 1932 classic, Island Of Lost Souls. Originally banned in the UK until 1958, where it was still cut, it was finally re-released earlier this year. … Continue reading

Cranking the Filmbar up to 70!

On what should have been a sunny and hot day in the beginning of June (it was in fact a day filled with torrential rain) I found myself heading towards the London based Roxy Bar and Screen. I was braving hell and high water to begin my interview with the lovely gents who form Filmbar70. … Continue reading

Shock Shock, Horror Horror!

When the opportunity arose to interview the creepy gents responsible for a new genre magazine, I grabbed it with both of my blood soaked horror hands. Editor Dean Boors and layout artist Jason Miller graciously answered my probing questions and spill their guts on the magazine. So sit back, relax and indulge in some fine … Continue reading

Interview : I’m Your Bougie-Man!!

Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie WARNING: This Interview is not for the easily offended. Those of you who revel in the excesses of down and dirty exploitation film please, dive right in! Film theory and general criticism has been feeling less then fresh in recent years. Most film courses now teach the same ideas and even … Continue reading

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