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Django Prepare A Coffin – DVD Review

Whether you love or hate him, it seems Quentin Tarantino is once again back in the public eye with this weeks release of Django Unchained, his love letter to the cult Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s and 70s. Thankfully if you’re not in the mood for bloated kitsch filmmaking, those fine folks at Arrow Video … Continue reading

Cranking the Filmbar up to 70!

On what should have been a sunny and hot day in the beginning of June (it was in fact a day filled with torrential rain) I found myself heading towards the London based Roxy Bar and Screen. I was braving hell and high water to begin my interview with the lovely gents who form Filmbar70. … Continue reading

To Ban Or Not To Ban……Is That The Question?

Those of you who are savvy with the ways of the filmic world would have noticed that earlier this year Tom Six’s infamous Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence was banned on the grounds of being a tad…how can I say this…. unacceptable by the BBFC (full details on their site). Suddenly this kicked up a … Continue reading

Troll 2, The PCC and Me!

A darkened cinema for a sold out performance, the high anticipation of what is about to befall our senses and a very shady looking Nilbog milk. It could only mean one thing….A Troll 2 screening was about to take place within Leicester Square. It will also transpire that few Saturday nights have been much better … Continue reading

Rubber meets the road: Road movie double bill

Like most people I hate walking along a dark country road at the dead of night. The eerie sense of calm mixed with the ominous sounds of woodland creatures; at least you hope it is some kind of animal. And there is something about it which gives me the creeps. But then there are times … Continue reading

Hammering home, my love of Hammer.

Having been treated recently by the old aunty Beeb, with the superb BBC 4 series ‘A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss’ it has provoked my love for old horror. Among other things this it has  inspired me to look back over my old horror film collection (but to be honest library would be a … Continue reading

“Dog will hunt!”

One of the more recent horror films I have watched lately is the newly released 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, having enjoyed the first film (a remake of the Hershel Gordon Lewis 1964 original 2000 maniacs) so much. With its un-pc and almost “Troma”-esque like humorous bad taste, I was pretty geared up for the … Continue reading

Several Arrows in the Head…No Waiting!

Summer time next to autumn is my favourite time of year, the sun is shining (most days at least) while vast quantities of cider are consumed at every outdoor festival known throughout England. One festival which is at the forefront of my filmic radar is FrightFest, which to be honest seems to be getting better … Continue reading

King Of the Wasteland….King Castellari!!

Now there are post apocalyptic wasteland films and then there is the Italian post apocalyptic wasteland film, more specifically the films of Enzo G. Castellari in his Post Apocalyptic Trilogy. All the films contain a true 80’s underground film feel and although all rift some of the best elements of similar films (Road Warrior and … Continue reading

“Well ain’t that just a drill to the head!”

There are not many films which contain both the dream like state of a lucid dream and at the same time its quick descent into fevered nightmare. But then again nothing comes across as pure vomit inducing terror more then Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy (which arrow video have lovingly given a 30th anniversary … Continue reading

“What the hell happened to Rosemary?”- or watch out!!! shes getting a bit bitey !!

Again another film very much a product of the 1980’s horror filmmaking, both in terms of its gory latex make-up effects and its synthesised John Carpenter-esque score. And like Society this euro flavoured horror gem is also a cult favourite of mine, so in honour of this cult gem (which is yet to have a … Continue reading

“Hey Bill, I guess your right….I am a Butthead!! hahaha!!”

If there is one horror film that defines the loving campness of a B-movie with the political and satire/ edge of an Orwellian class system, Society is that little 80’s horror gem. Combining the once formidable horror partnership of Brian Yuzna and latex make-up maestro Screaming Mad George, Society still holds up to today’s standards … Continue reading

“Kung Fu Soul Brother”

As you have gathered I love films, all and every genres and subgenres but there is one such subgenre which I have only really just started watching again (since my average film night staple is of either crap action films or like wise crap horrors, with the odd double bills of some truly great films … Continue reading

Cult Horor Classics : BRAINDEAD (aka DEAD ALIVE)

I absoutly love cheesy , low budget but imagitive horror films. What I love more then watching about them, is discussing and debating with other fans who equally enjoy their unqiueness and often timeless appeal. I mean every director had to start somewhere and more often then not it was with low budget horror films, … Continue reading

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