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DTV Action Movie Heaven……where 80s action heroes are at peace.

I have a confession to make as much as I am a cognisor (some might say snob) of movies and filmmaking, I do have a couple of vices which continue to tighten there; well vice like grip on me. The particular vice in question would be b-grade action movies, more predominantly DTV action epics, I … Continue reading

“Now I know what a tv dinner feels like”- Fathers & Sons, Living Free and Dying Hard

Action films, there really are nothing that can beat it for pure unadulterated mindless entertainment, particularly in the form of guilty filmic pleasures. But when you think of the classics of the genre there is always the faint whiff of synthesiser music ringing within your (or most cinephiles) subconscious….Ahhh the 80’s . Then there are … Continue reading

Is this the Death of the action film?….Wait…Hold it, I can see a Sequel!

Having recently viewed “Gamer” it got me thinking about the current state and lack there of anything genre defining about present action cinema. Now if I were talking about DTV action films which now eventually star the long lost heroes of 80s action cinema (Van Damme, Lundgren, Snipes and Seagal) then formulaic action films still … Continue reading

Patrick Swayze RIP

At the time of writing this I have just found out (and no doubt the world has also) that Patrick Swayze has just lost his battle with cancer, and this has more then likely spawned a whole cavalcade of remembrances and blog posts about his classic and most remembered films “Ghost” and “Dirty Dancing”. But … Continue reading

Whatever happened to the good ol’ MGM/CANNON action spectaculars

In their heyday MGM we a film company with clout. Owners of the James Bond Film licence with United Artists, as well as films such as the epic The Great Escape, The Pink Panther series and the Battle of Britain not to mention Sergio Leone’s 3 dollars trilogy. But then in the late 70’s and … Continue reading

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