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A Kier Royale Of Sex & Bloody Fangs

After being asked by the supercool Lydia Mitchell (check out her blog here) if I would write a piece on Russ Meyer’s UP! (found here), she has returned with a piece for this rambling blog. She’s enthusiastically written a great piece about the classically camp, Blood For Dracula (a personal favorite of mine). Keep your eyes peeled for her piece … Continue reading

Friday, Bloody Friday!

With it being Friday the 13th, I honestly couldn’t miss this as an opportunity to write a short blog post, specifically on a guilty pleasure of mine. Strangely said guilty pleasure also happens to be set on a similar day. Yes thats right I want to do a quick post on that most un-killable of … Continue reading

3D, Lots of teeth, gratuitous boob shots and me

Now first thing is first, in my opinion 3-D is a waste of hype and time. Those that have either read my previous rant or are close friends of mine, know how much I detest this as though it is the second coming of the film industry. It particularly gets my blood boiling some what, … Continue reading

“Dog will hunt!”

One of the more recent horror films I have watched lately is the newly released 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, having enjoyed the first film (a remake of the Hershel Gordon Lewis 1964 original 2000 maniacs) so much. With its un-pc and almost “Troma”-esque like humorous bad taste, I was pretty geared up for the … Continue reading

Take a Swig of the good stuff…..Street Trash Style!

If you haven’t guessed it already I love crap horror films, actually now that I mention it I enjoy and get a kick out of just cheesy badly made films and more likely then not, I have been covering some of my favourites and some of my guilty pleasures, and there are many more I … Continue reading

Do you know what it means…? Hospitality. And you can’t piss on hospitality!

Surely there can not be a film so utterly bad, so devoid of merit and as unbelievably inept in the ways of filmmaking as to be crowned “The Best Worst Movie”, oh how wrong you are because one such film does exist and its name is Troll 2. Made five years after the first film … Continue reading

Leapin’ Leprechaun: The Farm & Vegas Years

I adore crappy trashy movies; it is like hobby, I go out of my way to find entertaining pieces of low budget trash that the casual viewer would either not give a second glance or just not be able to grasp the understated enjoyment of these badly made films. Thankfully due to the internet there … Continue reading

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