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Some Assembly Required

With all this recent talk of ol’ craggy faced Robert Redford invading the UK (with his Sundance Film Festival), it got me thinking about other, truly independent films and filmmaking. Specifically I mean two, rather interesting independent filmmakers. The first being a Brit lad by the name of AD Lane, whose unique approach to funding … Continue reading

Horror From The Heart

It seems of late that I have become rather bored of the same ,stale tripe that gets churned out for what passes as modern horror these days. After recently posting a tweet regarding the state of modern horror, I asked myself; when was the last time I watched a genuinely good horror film that really … Continue reading

Annoying Cinema Habits aka Sit Down…Shut Up Part II

Well it has been a while (some two months to be exact) since I last blogged or ranted about anything film related. That is not to say I have not been writing, on the contrary I have been writing for a few websites. Finally I have been given a chance to put my love of … Continue reading


Now I know that this blog centres on cult film of all genres, but for a change I thought I would ramble about something a bit different. Ten months ago I thought to unleash some of my creative frustrations of working weird shift patterns, in the incredibly unexciting environment of the local pub. What started … Continue reading

Is this the Death of the action film?….Wait…Hold it, I can see a Sequel!

Having recently viewed “Gamer” it got me thinking about the current state and lack there of anything genre defining about present action cinema. Now if I were talking about DTV action films which now eventually star the long lost heroes of 80s action cinema (Van Damme, Lundgren, Snipes and Seagal) then formulaic action films still … Continue reading

“To 3D or to not 3D, that is the question”

So the year 2009 has come and passed with some truly amazing films shown during the lowly twelve months we call a year, but what was the biggest draw of last year? Yes that would be the increased popularity and funding by Hollywood and the subsequent studios to jump on the 3D band wagon, a … Continue reading

Wheres my TV Boxset gone!!!….AHHH! Damnit!

Well just another quick post and has you may have gathered a bit of a rant, so I apologise for my rampant outburst. I have just witnessed the “Teaser” trailer for The A-Team that was recommended to me by a friend who was getting all nostalgic over the 1980s but all I can say is: … Continue reading

Cinema Etiquette : Sit Down, Shut Up!

Now I do not usually feel the need to launch into rant for no reason, but in this case I actually feel justified as I have had several conversations with friends and family recently about films they have all seen within the last few months and one thing became abundantly clear, what I like to … Continue reading

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