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Best of the Rest – A Small Collection of Recent Reviews

I’m ashamed to say it, but its been a while since i’ve posted anything on this blog. Writing commitments for various sites and publications have led me to slightly neglect any new blog content. Thankfully I’ve remembered that I have not (as of yet) posted any of my recent reviews or features. Below you shall … Continue reading

A Black Sunday For Lisa And The Devil

If you head over to Attack From Planet B, you will find a few delightfully barmy reviews from myself. As always I welcome feedback, hopefully those that read them will get some enjoyment. First up is Arrow Video’s release of gothic horror classic; Black Sunday Lastly I look at Arrow Video’s other Bava release this … Continue reading

Three Times The Halloween!

A very happy Halloween to all you Ghouls and Ghosts! If you head on over to this Slash-tastic horror link, you will find my latest piece for Attack From Planet B (where I look at three of my favorite films that the Halloween series produced). There’s no trick or treat, its just plain horror awesomeness! … Continue reading

My name is Francesco Dellamorte. Weird name, isn’t it?

If you head over to Attack From Planet B you’ll find my most recent review on Dellamorte Dellamore, a personal horror film favorite of mine and one I hope more people can see. As always feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

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