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Motel Hell Blu-Ray Review

It’s time to grab your chainsaw’s, pig heads and (if you have one) a crazy murderous sister because Kevin Connor’s cult classic is finally released in the UK. This little seen camp horror slasher is one of those oddities that just keeps giving in each of its bizarre moments. This is by far, one uniquely … Continue reading

Camille 2000 – Blu Ray Review

It seems of late that Arrow Video is upping its game somewhat, in terms of branching out to more niche titles. Already in the first part of this year we have had two splendid Mario Bava HD releases (Black Sunday and Lisa and the Devil respectfully), both of which live up to their fan’s expectations. … Continue reading

A Black Sunday For Lisa And The Devil

If you head over to Attack From Planet B, you will find a few delightfully barmy reviews from myself. As always I welcome feedback, hopefully those that read them will get some enjoyment. First up is Arrow Video’s release of gothic horror classic; Black Sunday Lastly I look at Arrow Video’s other Bava release this … Continue reading

Django Prepare A Coffin – DVD Review

Whether you love or hate him, it seems Quentin Tarantino is once again back in the public eye with this weeks release of Django Unchained, his love letter to the cult Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s and 70s. Thankfully if you’re not in the mood for bloated kitsch filmmaking, those fine folks at Arrow Video … Continue reading

Interview : I’m Your Bougie-Man!!

Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie WARNING: This Interview is not for the easily offended. Those of you who revel in the excesses of down and dirty exploitation film please, dive right in! Film theory and general criticism has been feeling less then fresh in recent years. Most film courses now teach the same ideas and even … Continue reading

Several Arrows in the Head…No Waiting!

Summer time next to autumn is my favourite time of year, the sun is shining (most days at least) while vast quantities of cider are consumed at every outdoor festival known throughout England. One festival which is at the forefront of my filmic radar is FrightFest, which to be honest seems to be getting better … Continue reading

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